Q : I'm a super private person - will you post my images online?

A : Don't worry!  Nothing will ever be posted online without your explicit permission.  Your images will be hosted in a private password-protected slideshow, but nothing will ever be blogged or posted publicly without your knowledge and permission.

Q : There are parts of my body that I really don't love.  Will you retouch me to look better?  Or can we avoid those areas?

A : Most of us have little spots on ourselves that aren't our favourite.  I understand.  I try to keep body alterations to a minimum.  Any scars or acne will of course be removed, and I'm happy to give a little 'help' here and there.  If you are looking for someone to make you look like an entirely different person than who you are, I'm not your girl.  I believe in celebrating our bodies and that by participating in the Beauty Myth we are only hurting ourselves.  You are *gorgeous* and I am very good at what I do.  I will shoot you from your best angles and make you look and feel better than you ever thought possible!

Q : What should I wear?

A : Bring your favourite panties and bras.  Bring a shirt that makes you feel sexy and a few pairs of heels if that's your thing.  You will be as dressed or undressed as you like.  We will start with you in your most conservative outfit, and get a little more saucy from there!

Q : Where does the shoot happen?

A : There are plenty of locations to choose from.  I have a large light-filled studio in Toronto's east end where the majority of boudoir shoots happen.  This makes for a lovely, simple, and bright shoot.  If you are looking for something a little different, I recommend a hotel room or a (private) outdoor location.  I'm happy to travel for you!

Q : Why should I do a boudoir session?  I don't get it.

A : My amazing clients book boudoir sessions for many reasons.  Some are giving their gorgeous images to their partners as a wedding, anniversary, or birthday gift.  Others are celebrating a milestone in their lives -- either a big birthday (hello 40th birthday boudoir!), reaching a fitness goal, or just to make peace with their bodies.  All of my clients walk away from their sessions feeling a renewed sense of confidence with their bodies.  Remember -- it's not about losing weight for the session -- it's about celebrating your organic beauty!

Q : Do you do couple's boudoir?

A : For the right couple, yes.  Let's chat - I would love to hear about what you have in mind.

Q : What if I'm not skinny?

A : These sessions are about loving your body.  The skin you're in is the most perfect body you've got!  Every body is sexy and I know how to work with every body type - from teeny tiny to voluptuous and beyond.

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